• Maintained great leadership in organizations
  • Have great communication skills 
  • Able to work in a team in groups and organizations
  • Have excellent problem-solving skills for any situations
  • Offer critical thinking when solving situation problems
  • Great of listening to everyone discussing topics
  • Have great business management skills 
  • Provide great strategic planning for creative projects
  •  Work hard to complete and do assignments correctly
  • Have excellent computer skills 
  • Gain knowledge of computer and related equipment
  • Capable of using creative thinking doing projects
  • Can resolve organization conflicts 
  • Have, post, and submit projects with great content
  • Have great mathematical skills
  • Have Good reading skills 
  • Great excellent researching skills
  • Provide excellent customer services to customers
  • Good in managing time on doing assignments
  • Able to complete and subject projects by deadlines
  • Capable of branding self and services online and public places
  • Have great storytelling skills 
  • Excellent in paying attention to all details in all assignments
  •  Well organized and detailed in all assignments
  • Present great portfolio, project, and video presentations 
  • Create great dance choreographies for dancers 
  • Have excellent teaching skills 
  • Great in working with adults, families, children, and teens
  • Great in working with communities, groups, and organizations
  • Maintained professionalism in different environments


Extracurricular Activities

Work Experience

Educational Background

Cambly 6/14 to 6/27/2020

Online English Educator/Tutor

  • Taught 90 students different levels of English Language.
  • Chatted with students about different topics.
  • Build strong relationships with students to increase a supportive educational environment.

  • Did all tutoring sessions at the Cambly classrooms.

Joy's Mixed Media Art Gallery 5/2018-Present                           Artist, Business Owner, and Director

  • Design mixed media arts for anyone who loves art
  • Teach art classes for anyone how to design art
  • Hold an art club to build an art community for art lovers

Adult Dance Studio 9/2009-Present   

Business Owner, Dancer, Director, and Instructor

  • Hire staff to help provide dance services to customers
  • Direct and teach adults, community, and youths from all backgrounds
  • Direct and prepare everyone to perform dances in events

WAWA 11/2017-1/2018                                       

Customer Service Associate

  • Greeted customers from Maryland State communities
  • Helped customers with groceries and services
  • Handled money
  • Kept working area and store clean and neat

Pam's Hallmark 09/2013-5/2014                               

Sales Associate

  • Greeted customers from different Maryland communities
  • Helped customers with cards and gift products
  • Stocked products in the appropriate shelf sections
  • Handled payments
  • Kept working area and store clean and neat

Dollar Tree 11 to 12/2010 & 10 to 11/2013     

Cashier and Customer Service Representative

  • Greeted customers
  • Handled payments
  • Answered phone calls
  • Helped customers with retail products and services
  • Cleaned working areas 

Little Busy Bee Early Learning Center 5 to 8/2013

Dance Teacher

  • Worked with children ages 3-10 at the learning center
  • Taught children hip hop and jazz dance
  • Prepared children to perform dances in events

The Red Door Studio 11/2011 to 1/2012   

Dance Teacher

  • Taught children ages 4-10 hip hop and tap dance
  • Prepared children to perform dances in live performances

Baltimore Dance Center 11/2011 to 1/2012           

Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Designed ads like flyers for studio classes and events

Pizza Hut 5 to 11/2010

Customer Service Representative

  • Greeted customers and guests
  • Seated customers and guests in booths and tables
  • Placed pizza and other orders
  • Served customers foods and drinks 
  • Cleaned working areas, booths, and tables

Encore Baton & Dance Studio 8 to 11/2006

Dance Instructor

  • Taught students who are children age 3-8
  • Taught students ballet, creative, jazz, and tap dance at all levels

Bath and Body Works 6 to 8/2006

Sales Associate

  • Greeted customers and guests
  • Stocked products in appropriate shelves
  • Helped customers with beauty retail products
  • Clean working areas the store during and after business hours

Parcel Plus 6 to 8/2005

Sales Associate

  • Handled phone calls
  • Handled different payments from customers
  • Helped customers delivering packages to certain people

Prince George’s Community College Bookstore

8/2004 to 5/2005

Cashier and Customer Service Representative

  • Spoke to customers
  • Helped customers with school supplies and retail products
  • Helped customers with beauty retail products

International House Of Pancakes 6 to 8/2004


  • Spoke to customers and guests
  • Seated customers and guests in booths and tables
  • Cleaned working areas, booths, and tables

YouTube 2007 To Present

Artist, Content Creator, Dancer, Educator, & Entrepreneur 

  • Produce educating and inspiring lifestyle videos

  • Used I-Phone and Canon Camera to

  • Film 1-3 videos every week or 2 weeks

  • Edited video content with, Final Pro X 

  • Maintain over 100 subscribers

  • Offer great feedback on video content on YouTube

  • Collaborate with others in different communities.

College of Southern Maryland 2011-2012

Member of the Theater Club

  • Discussed doing events and host theater events

Towson University 2005-2008

Member of the Black Student Union

  • Talked about topics about the black community
  • Hosted black community events

Member of the International Bible Study

  • Talked about Bible stories and Bible topics
  • Reviewed scriptures relating to the topics

Member of The Reformed University Fellowship

  • Did similar activities as the International Bible Study 

Member & Vice President of Towson Urban Vibe Dance Troupe

  • Managed this student dance organization
  • Hosted and performed events

Member of the Towson Liturgical Ministry

  • Learned and practiced liturgical dances 
  • Performed liturgical dances in events

Prince George's Community 2000-2004

Member of the Flare Up Dance Team

  • Learned hip hop and jazz dance choreographies
  • Performed these dances in events like fashion shows

 Vice-President, & Treasurer of the Student Art League

  • Managed different advertisements like flyers
  • Posted flyers at this college
  • Attended meetings and host events
  • Managed the finance part of the organization

Member and Volunteer of the Student Program Board

  • Helped the organization with hosting events 

Member of the Owl Student Newspaper

  • Wrote articles about college activities and events

Children's Museum 1994

Student of the Claymation Workshop

  • Created claymation humans and animals
  • Produced claymation films and videos

Harmony Hall Regional Center 1991-1992

Student of the Drawing Class

  • Drawn humans and objects in different drawing paper styles

Corcoran School of the Arts and Design 1992

Student of the Ceramics Class

  • Designed ceramic products like handmade pots 
  • Produced bowls and pots using the potter wheel

Mt. Ennon Baptist Church 1988-2011

Student at the Wednesday Night Bible Study

Student at the Sunday School

Member of the Single's Ministry

  • Said prayers before starting this event
  • Discussed the topics
  • Studied Bible scriptures related to the topics

Student, Leader, and Teacher of Vacation Bible School

  • Discussed Bible stories
  • Did arts and crafts related to the theme
  • Did skits related to the theme

Member of the Adult Liturgical Ministry

  • Learned and practiced liturgical dances
  • Performed liturgical dances in worship services

Member of the Step Aerobics 

  • Learned and performed step aerobics in this ministry

Member of the Children's Choir & Youth Fellowship Choir

  • Learned current and new songs at this church activity
  • Sang church songs in worship services

Dance Expressions Inc 1998-2000 & 2018-2019

  • Learned jazz, modern, lyrical, and tap dance at different levels
  • Performed these dances in events including showcases

Linda Natoli's Studio of Dance & Gymnastics 1985-1998

  • Learned dances including contemporary and jazz at all levels
  • Performed these dances in events including competitions

Awards & Recognitions

Ashford University 2018-2019

  • Master's Degree in Teaching & Learning with Technology

Northcentral University 2017-2018

  • Master's Degree in Educational Leadership

Ashford University 2013-2014

  • Master of Business Administration in Marketing

College of Southern Maryland 2011-2012

  • Associate's Degree in Theater and Dance

Full Sail University 2010-2011

  • Master's Degree in Media Design

Towson University 2005-2008

  • Bachelor's Degree in Art Concentration

Prince George's Community College 2000-2004

  • Associate's Degree in Visual Communications

College of Southern Maryland 2012

  • Had "Grasses & Leaves" photo in the Literary Magazine of this college
  • Made Dean's List with a 3.80-grade point average
  • Earned Honors with a 3.80-grade point average

Prince George's Community College 2000-2004

  • Made Dean's Lists with a 3.25-grade point 
  • Won 1st places for presenting animation artworks at the Student Art League Art Reception Event
  • Received 2 appreciation awards for helping out with the events at this college
  • Had Big Photoshoot in Maryland State Communities


Surrattsville High School 1996-2000

  • Earned Honor Roll Awards with a 3.00-grade point average
  • Received Several Awards for earning 4.00-grade point average
  • Earned Keith Washington Scholarship

King's Dominion Dance Competition Festival 1998

  • Received 2nd place in the with Linda's Natoli's Senior Company 

Stephen Decatur Middle School 1995

  • Made Honor Roll with a 3.00 or higher grade point average

Accotink Academy 1993-1994

  • Won 1st place for performing excellent jazz dance in this event
  • Won 2nd place for performing good hip hop dance in this event