Hi, Everyone! It Is Joy Here!

I am a 38-year-old single woman from Clinton, MD. But, I am currently living in Upper Marlboro, MD. I am also a lifestyle artist, dancer, educator, and entrepreneur. My other occupations are a content creator, entertainer, model, performer, and writer. I managed Joy’s Jazz & Hip Hop Dance Studio and Joy’s Mixed Media Art Gallery. I hold a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning With Technology from Ashford University. 


It had been difficult to live a successful life. But, I am passionate about creativity, freedom, and helping others to be successful in life. My first goal is to share my experience of living an academic and independent lifestyle to inspire others to live a lifestyle that benefits their lives on my website. My second goal is to offer solutions that can help resolve world issues we experienced in today’s world on this website as well. 


I also love studying and practicing the Christian religion, maintaining good health, designing art, teaching education, dancing in events, listening to music, and doing cosmetology. I also love posting content, hang out with others in different communities, and offering resources to help improve communities. I enjoy watching entertainment activities, going on vacation trips, and going shopping. Also, I was an English tutor who chats with students about learning how to speak the English language and discuss current events from all over the world online.


Now, I am currently looking for a tutoring career to do at other companies while managing my dance studio and art gallery, doing other opportunities, and preparing to move to another state. I look forward to becoming a famous rich wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who helps everyone achieve their goals and be successful in life one day. I also believe we will have a healthy and safe world after resolving all world issues in the future.


FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) About Me

1. How do I describe my Christian life?

  • I love and serve God and the Lord, Jesus Christ for life.
  • I love being a Christian, but even though I am not 100% perfect.
  • I will always an imperfect Christian and will be a Christian for life.
  • God, Jesus, and I control who I am and what I do in my life.
  • No can force me to do something that I do not have to do except God and Jesus and me.
  • Only God, Jesus, and I tell me what to do.
  • God, Lord, Jesus Christ, and I are the boss of me and my life.
  • I live my life in God’s and Lord’s and my way only.

2. What is my ethnicity?

  • I am a mixed African American woman.

3. How would I describe my personality?

  • I have a caring, friendly, funny, loving, positive, supportive, and tough personality.

4. What type of person am I?

  • I am a caring, diverse, educated, funny, happy, independent, loving, positive, supportive, and tough person.
  • I am also an honest, intelligent, and non-political, real, smart, and successful person.
  • I am a successful, and strong confident person.
  • I love being a perfectionist by 98%.

5. What type of leader am I?

  • I am an authoritarian and paternalistic leader and have these leadership styles.

6. How would I describe my appearance?

  • I am a very attractive, beautiful, and nice-looking woman.
  • I am 5'4 feet tall.
  • I weigh 112 pounds who is a small figure woman. 
  • I have brown eyes that look black all the time.
  • I only wear makeup when I go anywhere.
  • I have black long relaxed hair.
  • I love wearing a different style of tight, fitted, and sexy clothes.
  • I also love wearing different styles and types of shoes.

7. What type of student am I?

  • I was a well-educated student in all schools I attended in my life.
  • I went from a C student to an A-/B+ student even when I receive bad grades sometimes in school.
  • I made honor rolls, dean's lists, and honors during my school years.

8. What am I looking for in a man?

  • He must be a real and truly Christian man.
  • I am looking for a guy with a great personality including never being an abusive and a controlling person and a bully.
  • He must be a caring, friendly, happy, healthy, honest, independent, and supportive person.
  • He also must be an alpha male. 
  • I love a guy who never changed on me even after we are married and have children.
  • I am looking for a guy who would be a great boyfriend, husband, and father of our children.
  • I love a famous rich businessman or a celebrity.
  • I love a guy who treats women with dignity and respect at all times.
  • I am looking for a guy who is raised by a normal family.
  • I love a guy who has a family who does not care about what race I am.
  • I love a guy who loves and supports me live my dreams.
  • I am looking for a guy who is healthy and takes care of himself beside me and the children.
  • I love a man who never does drugs, drinks alcohol, and smokes smoking products.
  • I love a guy who never does prostitution, participates in gangs, and other bad situations.
  • I love a guy who is born as a male with real male reproductive parts.
  • My man must be a single and a virgin.
  • He must be a good and responsible person.
  • He must have no criminal histories at all times.
  • He can be any race, but I would prefer an Asian, Hispanic, Italian, Native, or White American man.
  • He must be age 28-30 years old and no older than 5 years older than me.
  • He also must be at least 6'0 feet tall, cute, hunk, and a very attractive man.
  • He can have any hair length but not longer than my hair length. 
  • He must not have body piercings and tattoos.
  • He must dress neatly and stays clean at all times.

9. How I maintain a healthy lifestyle?

  • I read scriptures about staying healthy and fit.
  • I also maintain a positive attitude towards being healthy and fit.
  • I also consume healthy diets and take supplements.
  • I reduce stress, exercising, and staying confident myself and looks.
  • I also get plenty of rest.
  • I stay in a friendly, healthy, positive, safe, supportive, and welcoming environment with positive people.
  • I avoid consuming chemicals, toxins, using drugs, drinking alcohol, and all smoking products to stay healthy.
  • I stay away from infected people at all times.

10. Does family love me and support what I do?

  • No, I rejected my parents I hate because they were abusive towards me and the good things I do in my life.
  • I also rejected many relatives that I hate because they bullied me.

11. Do my friends love me and support what I do?

  • Not my former friends I hate and I rejected them because they bullied me.

12. What types of people do I love to hang out with during my life?

  • I love and support friendly, happy, honest, normal, positive, real, rich, successful, and supportive people.
  • I also care about friendly, happy, honest, normal, positive, real, rich, successful, and supportive people.
  • I love my current friends, future family, and others meet my expectations besides their expectations.
  • I love and care about real victims who never treated people badly.
  • I hangout with communities, groups, and individuals who meet my expectations besides me meeting their needs.

13. What are my thoughts about politics?

  • I am not interested in politics.
  • Politics does nothing for me and my life.
  • Politics promote negativity in this world.

14. What types of communities, groups, and organizations do I participate in during my life?

  • I participate in communities, groups, and organizations that are friendly healthy, positive, safe, and welcoming environments only.

15. What makes me a rigid, strict, and tough person?

  • I follow God’s, Lord’s, communities’, organizations’, law enforcement, government, and Joy’s rules only.
  • I reject anyone who hurts and harming me and does not give them a second chance.
  • I always keep trying until I am successful at anything I do in my life.
  • No one gets away with anything bad things they do to me.
  • I help communities, groups, and individuals who deserve and treats me right only.
  • I welcome all race people from different countries.
  • I tell the truth and the way it is even if people hate hearing the truth.
  • I do not have to prove anyone anything. I am good enough for anyone and anything.
  • I hate people who are trying to be like me.
  • I never have time for bad, evil, and negative people who try to destroy me.
  • I do not tolerate negative behaviors like bullying behaviors from no one in this world.
  • I stand up to anyone who bullies me and they will end up not messing with me in the future.
  • I do not participate in communities, groups, and organizations with negative people in a negative environment.
  • I will reject anyone who treats me badly and change on me.
  • I date, marry, and have children by men who meet my expectations besides meeting their expectations.
  • I also date, marry, and have children by men outside of my race because of having a bad experience of being with black men.
  • I do not do drugs, drink alcohol, do prostitution, practicing LGBT, and participate in other bad situations because it is not normal behaviors.
  • I also do not need to do these unhealthy bad situations to solve my problems and overcome my situations.
  • I do not take advice from anyone unless it benefits me.
  • My favorite subjects are art, dance, education, entertainment, entrepreneur, lifestyle, and mathematics.
  • I love alpha males who are established in everything and rich.
  • I love alpha males who are businessman, has a decent career, or celebrities.
  • I will be a rich person who cares about more than just money.

16. Do I have social media?

  • I use social media for professional purposes only. But other than that I have no interest in social media except for these purposes.

17. What type of car do I drive?

  • I drive a 2005 Aqua Green Color Toyota Corolla Coupe Sedan. But, I will be getting any color RAV4 and later a highlander or a van.

18. What is my favorite color?

  • I love all the colors.

19. What are my favorite drinks and foods?

  • I love consuming healthy drinks and foods.

20. What are my favorite movies, television shows, and other entertainment shows?

  • I love any movies, television shows, videos, and other entertainment shows that I am interested in watching doing my spare time.