About Me

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Hi, I am Joy Michele Timmons! I am a creative lifestyle artist, content creator, dancer, educator, entrepreneur, and strategist with a passion for creativity, freedom, and helping others. I am from Clinton, MD but now I live in Upper Marlboro, MD. I managed Adult Dance Studio and Joy's Mixed Media Art Gallery. I received a Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology from Ashford University. 


I am going through tough times like suffering abuse from my parents and experiencing economic hardship during my life. But, I have been doing creative activities to help me to stay motivated while going through tough times during my life. I have been studying Christian religion, designing creative projects, and doing fun activities. I also have been discussing world issue solutions, giving back to communities, helping others live their dreams, maintaining good health, and sharing stories and life experiences during tough times during my life.


I look forward to becoming a famous, rich wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother someday. I also look forward of seeing us live their dreams and having a healthy, positive, and safe world and live our dreams in the future. 


Thank You For Visitng My Website! Have A Blessed Day!